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Are manufactured modular homes customizable?

The short answer is YES!  The long answer is YES, VERY CUSTOMIZABLE. 


Most #modularhomes are #customizable in both size and finish.  Many of the modular homes have one, two or three size footprints.  For example, a 27’ wide may come in a 30’ and 32’ wide option. 


Sometimes there are #bonusrooms, rooms or spaces that are unassigned that can be made into a room of your preference.  Sometimes there is space left completely unfinished that is “hidden or not obvious” when the house is finished but tappable when the homeowner decided to create a space at a later date. 


Every modular home gives you the option to select the finishes.  The preferences usually begin with the exterior components: siding, shutters, and roof colors. The customization continues into the interior. The kitchen cabinet stain, the countertops, the backsplash, the luxury vinyl flooring, bathroom tile and carpet.

When you build a modular home, you can customize your new home right from the factory. T

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