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Mobile or Modular Homes. Which is right for you?

Modular homes vs. mobile homes

The main difference between modular homes and mobile homes is that modular homes cannot move. Once assembled on a permanent foundation, modular homes remain fixed in place, just like traditional stick-built homes.

Mobile home on blocks
Double wide mobile home on the trailer frame sitting on blocks. This is home is mobile and can easily be moved.

Mobile homes are as described, mobile, therefor they are able to moved. Some mobile homes are always on axles and wheels while others have removable wheels. Mobile homes have trailer hitches tucked away under their homes. Most mobile homes sit above the ground on the trailer frame. When they are doubled, making a double wide, the home is clipped together and the exterior is finished as if it were a single home.

Modular homes are built then set on foundations or slabs, strapped & secured to a foundation base in the ground.

Beautiful modular home permanently attached to the its foundation.
Beautiful Rockville Cape Cod model modular home from UR Home LLC.

Mobile homes are usually the same shape, 16' wide by 30' -80' feet long based on the layout you select. Mobile homes are usually two long sections attached in the middle. Modular homes are usually built in rectangle sections of varying length and width. The variable size of each module gives the home a unique shape with more stick built home feel. Different size roof peaks, a front or rear view with built out or recessed areas.

Another big difference is that mobile homes adhere to federal codes set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Modular homes follow the same building codes as traditional homes and require the same inspections and regulations as site-built homes — providing homeowners with added assurance in terms of safety and quality. 

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