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Simple Steps to your dream Home

Step 1

Where do I want to live?

Find the right location for your new home. Single lot, farm, woods, housing plan,  lakeside, riverside, etc.?

Step 4

Can I afford what I want?

Once your quote is given, its time to secure financing.  It is BEST if you come to the first meeting with a pre-approval.

Step 7

What is next?

Your property has to be prepared for your home's arrival.  The ground must be graded and the land must be prepared for the basement installation.

Step 10

Your house is ready for the final touches.

Any after additions, garages, decks, porches or other customizations are ready to be installed. 

Step 2

What kind of house do I want to call home?

Browse our available homes, keeping in mind that they are customizable to your liking.

Step 5

When can I get my house?

Upon signing papers & paying for the down payment, a time line for production is given. The timing for the rest is estimated.

Step 8


Foundation & Basement: Discuss basement options with Travis.  UR Home will take care of the timing and make sure when your house is ready, so is your site.

Step 11

Call the movers

It is the time you have been waiting for.  Your house is ready to be UR HOME.  

Step 3

Can I put everything I want in the house I chose?

Have a personal appointment with UR Home and discuss your needs & wants.

Step 6

Style & flair

A meeting to decide flooring, fixtures, cabinets, tubs,  windows and so much more happens at the SMI Headuarters.

Step 9

Your house is coming!

Your house will arrive in sections to your property.  U R Home set and permanently attach your home to the basement, connect your plumbing & utilities.

Step 12

Enjoy life

Invite your friends to visit UR Home and be sure to let them know the fantastic experience you had with our tried and true process to having a new home built.

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