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The Cape Cod home comes in many varieties and attributes.  This home can be a small or extra large home based on the design selected. This style home never goes out of fashion and is versatile to its environment.  A Cape Cod looks equally well placed on the coast as it does in a field or residential neighborhood.

Hudson model cape cod home by U R Home & SMI Structural

A two story home can be the most versatile of all the homes.  The two stories can be from the commonly known colonial with the bedrooms up stairs and living space on the main level or as custom as home two suites.  You can make this however you desire to meet your needs and dreams

Westwood model 2 story home by U R Homes & SMI Structural

A ranch home is the ideal design for those wishing to avoid stair cases or are preparing for a forever house.  The one level living lends itself to "Aging In Place" in which the design of the home is set up for making life easier as we age. Ranch style homes also work well with homes that are built into a hill, so you can walk out on two levels.

Fisher model ranch home by U R Home and SMI Modular

Often called "modern" contemporary has been a house style for 3/4 of a century.  The Brady Bunch lived in a Contemporary home. Frank Lloyd Wright created contemporary homes in 1930s.   A contemporary home is many clean lines, minimalist in design and usually is earth toned.

A modern home, model Oceanside, by U R Home & SMI Structural
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