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  • Jean Marie Schneider

Meet UR Home, modular home builder

Welcome to the UR Home LLC., a modular, manufactured home builder.

Hi I am Jean and I am writing this blog for my boss Travis who is just not a computer person. Travis Altmire is the founder of Altmire Contracting Inc. and UR Home LLC and he is way better at building fabulous homes than he is writing cute blogs. Anyway, anything you read in this blog series is based real information from being on the ground floor of the manufactured modular home building industry. I have a ton of experience in spacial planning, color coordinating and my favorite, kitchen & bath design. So from here forward, it will be a blog of useful information melded together from both of us to provide you the best of both worlds, hopefully making your new home decisions easier. UR Home is a manufactured modular home builder dealer & builder.

A picture of a woman typing on a computer writing a blog.
Writing the blog for UR Home LLC.

Getting to the point, what is a manufactured modular home?

It is as described, a home that is built in a factory, hence the manufactured, and is built in sections or modules, hence modular. When you put it together you get a well built home that is made in sections transported to your land and assembled on your foundation. The house is built stronger than your average stick home so it can sustain transportation, bumps, jars and vibrations, without damage. Once the house is set on your foundation, it is unpacked or unfolded. I do mean unfolded, the roof will be lifted with a crane and each section will be attached to each other.

Does this sound far fetched? Don't believe me? Stick around, in future blogs, I will illustrate the step by step process. To peak your interest take a look at our factory page.

Caio for now from UR Home llc.

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I think the biggest question my readers may have is; "What is the difference between a mobile home and a modular home, they are both manufactured. So that will be our next blog.

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